christy + jj {wedding} washington, D.C.

If you’ve been stalking my blog at all, you may remember Christy and JJ’s engagement session from last fall in Washington, D.C.  It seems like forever ago now, but looking back at that shoot jogs my memory of crisp fall days, pumpkin spice lattes and landscapes filled with color pops of reds, yellows and oranges.  Summer is way over-rated if you ask me!

Anyway, as they were when I met them, Christy and JJ were bursting with joy and excitement on their wedding day.  They chose to see each other before their ceremony, which I’m glad they did because it allows me more time to capture their “glowy-ness” before the rush of the day sets in.

As an aside, many couples I talk to swear by keeping it traditional and not seeing each other until they walk down the aisle.  While I respect that tradition, even keeping it myself in my own wedding, seeing each other before the ceremony has many benefits and can even provide more of a “sacred” moment for the bride and groom away from the altar.  For starters, I try to make sure the couple is alone and uninterrupted when they first lay eyes on each other.  The opportunity for true emotion to flow is far more likely here in secret than it would be in front of a crowd of onlookers.  Secondly, there is the obvious benefit of additional time.  Taking more photos at the beginning of the day gives us more flexibility later.  And on your wedding day, flexibility in your timeline is a good thing.  Thirdly, when I get a flexible timeline, I am able to take the bride and groom to more locations, even off site to capture them in all their wedding day splendor.  Seriously ladies, how often will the love of your life be in a tux?  You’ve spent a lot of money on the way you both look…let’s make sure we protect that investment with more than a quick flurry of photos on the church steps after the ceremony!

Christy and JJ got ready at the fabulous Hotel Palomar in Washington, D.C.  The wedding ceremony and reception was held at the historic Dumbarton House.

Congrats Christy and JJ.  Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your lives.

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