Michael’s Story

I love God. 

I love my wife, Angelique.  She makes me look much better than I am.  I definately married up and I recommend that every guy do the same!

I'm crazy about our children, Emma, Avery, Samantha and Graham.  I want to be the best dad ever for them.

I am grateful for amazing parents who raised me well and gave me valuable tools and experiences that I still use every day.

I love to travel spontaneously!

Starbucks is my friend.  If you were taking my order, it would be Grande Pike in a Venti cup please.  Those lids are just terrible at keeping coffee inside my cup!

Love the thought of a cozy chair, blanket, fireplace, a good book and a nice hot tea with Ang next to me.  Doesn't happen as much as I would like, but hey...I like the thought of it!

I love all things north.  Snowy winters, crispy homemade waffles, maple syrup, skiing, hockey...although ask me in February and I may feel different!

Christmas is awesome.  We start playing Christmas music in October and I find that quotes from the movie Elf are possible in conversation any time of the year!

I probably have a bigger "un-manly" side to me than I care to admit but living with four females will do that to you.  I like shopping and interior design, I change the girls outfits at least three times before heading off to school and I am OCD-level neat and tidy.  Wet wipe anyone?

To compensate for that, I like to build things using big saws, pneumatic nail guns and other, manly miscellaneous power tools. 

Even though I can be OCD I am very much a risk-taker and an adventerous spirit.  North Face said it well, "Never Stop Exploring".

I get insanely inspired by three things: Music, a story of perseverance and God's beautiful creation all around us.

I've been a wedding photographer for over 10 years and do you know what my favorite part is?  Becoming friends with my couples.  It's so crazy to me that we get to be a part of someone's once-in-a-lifetime event.  Along with providing great photos, Ang and I really enjoy inspiring our couples to have a thriving, lifelong marriage together!

I am grateful.  I've been blessed in this life and we have been spared many hardships while so many other people around the world are not so fortunate.  I've done nothing in my life worthy of such blessing which is why I thank God for his grace daily.

As a photographer, my drive, my goals and my style are all a combination of who I am as a person.  I'm an outside-of-the-box creative thinker but I can also lay low and capture the quiet and emotional moments as they unfold before me.  I see beauty in everything and everyone and I see a challenge as an opportunity to just get better.

Thanks for considering us! :)


Angelique’s Story

I love Jesus and my family!

I have an obsession with dark chocolate, coffee and ice cream.  Mix and match or all together, either way I am one happy girl!

If you were a close friend of mine you would know that I love to start books but not necessarily finish them!  You would hear me sing "This is my fight song..." at the top of my lungs and off key!  You would know that in another life I would return as Joanna Gaines...I mean, who can be that cute and that talented?  

I am a wife to an amazing man.  You may know of him as a talented photographer but I know him as the silly, loving, passionate dad.  One of my favorite things to do with him is dream about the future and reminisce about our blessed life together!

I am a mom to three precious girls and a little boy!  Being a mom has been the greatest challenge and blessing in my life all at once and I am grateful!

I am a daughter of two loving parents.  A hard working dad and an energetic, loving Palestinian mom.  When you mix the two you get a quirky mix like me!  

I am a sister to an awesome brother currently living in California.

I am also a first grade teacher in my spare time ;)

Marriage is my passion and I love speaking hope into others and encouraging couples to make their marriage even more beautiful than their wedding day.  Getting to shoot weddings with Michael is a bonus and I savor every minute of it!