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I love God!  Without Him, this business is not possible.

<< This is my wife, Ang and without her, let’s be honest…I’m a mess!  She makes me look much better than I am.  Our favorite movie together is The Notebook with Elf being a close second!

I’m crazy about my three little princesses, Emma Joy (8), Avery Grace (6) and Samantha Hope (4) and I want to be the best dad ever for them!

I’m grateful for amazing parents who raised me well, gave me valuable tools and experiences that to this day, still impact me and will continue to do so as long as I live!

I am an only child (but not spoiled!).

I love to travel spontaneously…who am I kidding, I love any adventure that is spur of the moment!

Give me my Starbucks!  Grande Pike Place in a Venti cup (I always spill!)

I’m a Mac fanboy…if it has a picture of an apple with a bite out of it, I will buy it. In fact, I will buy 2 or 3 of them!

Love the thought of a cozy couch, fireplace, good book and a nice warm beverage with my wife next to me. Doesn’t happen as much as I like, but hey…I like the thought of it!

I love all things about the north…the snowy winters, french toast and maple syrup, skiing, snowmobiling, hockey.  Although the longer I live in the south, the more my love for winter dissipates!

I go crazy at Christmas. Yes, you read that right…I go crazy!  I start playing Christmas music in October and I find that quotes from the movie Elf are useful for any conversation at any time of year.

I get insanely inspired by three things:  Music, a story of perseverance and God’s beautiful creation.

In the spirit of getting to know me, I will go here I guess….I probably have a bigger “un-manly side” than I care to admit.  I like shopping, I change the girls outfits like three times before we head out somewhere, I’m OCD-level neat and tidy (baby wipe anyone?) and I will watch the occasional Bachelor episode!

To compensate for that part of my personality, I like to build things, wear plaid and not shave my beard for long stretches of time!

Even though I can be OCD, I’m very much a risk-taker and an adventurous spirit. The Disney movie “Up” spoke to me on so many levels! North Face says it well, “Never Stop Exploring”.

I am grateful. I’ve been blessed in this life and have been spared many hardships while so many other people around the world are not so fortunate. I’ve done nothing in my life worthy of such blessing…which is why I thank God for his grace daily.

As a photographer, my drive, my goals and my style are all a combination of who I am. I’m adventurous and eager to direct and style a shoot, but I can also lay low and capture the quiet emotional moments as they unfold.  I see beauty in everything and everyone. Most importantly, for all you brides who are marrying someone who has a strong distaste for getting their photo taken…you are in good hands!   I am great at putting people at ease so they can open up and be themselves…the essence of a good photographer.

Oh and in case you missed it…we love to travel! Whether your wedding is in Seattle or St. Lucia…we can be there!

Thank you for considering us!